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Kenyan ICT startup Usiku Games was created to tackle the problem of youth gambling across Africa, but when the Corona Virus hit, we realized that our in-game video conferencing platform could help bring families together, and keep the economy flowing by enabling African businesses and individuals to communicate with each other in a reliable, secure and affordable manner. Two months later, Gumzo was born, as the only video conferencing platform made in Africa, for Africa.


All Gumzo calls are encrypted, keeping your conversations private and secure. If there are less than 4 people in the call, then the signal is encrypted from end-to-end. For larger conferences, the signal is encrypted between each caller and the central servers. We can also host private instances of the servers in your own data centers for highly secure calls

Made in Kenya, Supporting Kenya

Gumzo was proudly made in Kenya, by Kenyan ICT company: Usiku Entertainment Limited. Every call that you place through Gumzo creates jobs in Kenya and supports economic growth here. All fees generated stay in Kenya, and during Covid-19, we are donating 50% of all Gumzo fees to fund Corona Response initiatives across the country

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