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5 Ways You Can Utilize the Whiteboard Feature on Gumzo

by | Jun 19, 2020 | Remote working, Video Call, Virtual Life

If your company has decided to work remotely, everyone needs to be aware of the collaboration tools at their disposal. Knowing how to use the tools can significantly improve productivity and the ability to collaborate.

Gumzo has a set of features that makes communication and collaboration easy. One of the inbuilt features is ‘Whiteboard’. If you haven’t had a chance to test this feature, we recommend you do so today.

To get you started, here are five ways you can use the Whiteboard feature:

Interactive Presentations and Projects

Gumzo’s whiteboard function is easy to use. When you log into your conference room, you can turn on the Whiteboard from the menu at the bottom of your screen.

Click the whiteboard icon to open it and start typing, drawing, or making symbols.

Using the whiteboard is a proven way of accelerating learning among those attending your meeting. As the meeting host, you can use it to emphasize critical details to the participants in real-time.  For example, you can add visuals to your projects to get immediate feedback, affirm key points, and quickly identify grey areas.

Record for Documentation Purposes

Gumzo also lets you record your whiteboard presentations. This is quite handy, especially when you are holding training for your team and the audience will need to revisit the information communicated.

Usually, taking notes during conferences is not the most effective way for attendees to retain information. Technological challenges and unintended disruptions can make participants miss important points. To avoid this, simply hit the record button when you jump to your whiteboard presentation on Gumzo.

Printing and Saving Information

Recording your whiteboard presentation will allow attendees to get all the information you present. However, what if there are specific diagrams or charts that you wanted to share with your audience? 

Well, you can save and print your Gumzo whiteboard presentation.

To do this, you’ll need to use a screen capture app like Lightshot to select the area of the whiteboard that you want to save. You can then distribute the saved file to your conference attendees for their records. 

Another option would be to screen share your screen so that attendees can save the whiteboard by themselves.

Whiteboard on Gumzo

Stimulating Visual Features 

The teaching style you use will determine how well your audience will absorb the information you present. When it comes to sales or educational training, you want as many attendees as possible to understand your presentation. 

Gumzo’s whiteboard feature can help you with this.

The whiteboard feature allows you to not only sketch and draw shapes, but also color-code them for easier communication. For example, you can write and color code specific sentences in your presentation to highlight their importance.

You can also use different font types, colors, and sizes to make your presentation more visually stimulating. 

Collaborate with Participants

Finally, you can also screen share your whiteboard with conference participants for collaboration purposes. Using the whiteboard encourages your audience to be part of the discussion rather than passively following information prepared beforehand.

Through cross-team collaboration, you can get unique ideas, improve productivity, and inspire new direction. Using a whiteboard allows you to cover topics in-depth and enhances your audience’s understanding.

Gumzo’s whiteboard is one of the learning-centric features that come handy when you want to present information that would be better understood in the form of charts or sketches. 

Sign in to your Gumzo account and start playing with the whiteboard feature to experience first-hand its capabilities. In no time, you will be creating colorful charts and sketches that you can use to make your presentations more visually engaging.

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