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A Guide on Video Conference Etiquette

by | Jul 21, 2020 | Video Call, Virtual Life

With remote work becoming the new norm, video conferencing is the closest thing to face-to-face interaction that we currently have. Virtual meeting platforms such as Gumzo, Zoom, and Google Meet have quickly become a hub for video conferencing across the globe.
The latest statistics show that 80 percent of executives indicate that they rely on video conferencing for internal team communications. That combined with the fact that some experts predict that most of the workforce will work remotely by 2020, is enough to understand why being on top of your web conferencing game is critical.
But the only problem is that remote video conferencing can be awkward and embarrassing if done wrong. Here, we explore how to practice proper video conferencing etiquette to make that video call successful for everyone involved.

Be Punctual for the Meeting

There’s nothing worse than attending a conference meeting and listening to hold music while waiting for the host to show up.
Instead, prepare a meeting agenda in advance, send it to everyone involved and stick to it throughout the call. If they know the schedule, they’ll be able to help you keep track of the meeting instead of wasting time with unrelated agendas.
Punctuality helps set the tone for the meeting and also increases productivity and efficiency. It will also allow others to prepare their questions and contribute.

Mute the Mic When Not Speaking

Even you may be quiet while someone is speaking and think that you’re not making any sound, you may be wrong. Most microphones will pick up even the faintest of sounds like sneezing, coughing, typing, or chewing. These sounds can be extremely distracting for other attendees and can be the cause of annoyance.
As a common courtesy, mute yourself whenever you’re not talking. When using a video conferencing software, a simple click of the mute button will do the trick and ensure you have the best video call.

Test the Technology to Ensure its Working Perfectly

Even in a technologically driven world, technical difficulties often occur. You don’t want to keep your team waiting because your video conferencing system isn’t working properly.
Be sure to test any hardware or video application you’ll be using beforehand to ensure everything is functioning properly. At the same time, make sure you have the right equipment for the conference call. This will ensure everything runs smoothly during the call and your attendees will be thankful that you took the time to prepare everything beforehand.

Make Eye Contact

There’s a whole lot of things to see on your screen during web conferencing including images of yourself and those of your colleagues, an ongoing conversation between attendees, or the main presentation. At some point, you may be looking at the video feed instead of the camera when speaking which may seem like you’re not paying attention.
While all this may be quite distracting, you have to maintain eye contact and ensure participants feel like you’re actively following through and paying attention. To do this right, optimize your camera and ensure it’s as close to the screen as possible especially for external webcams. Sit at eye level to your camera to keep the focus on you instead of the distracting background. While at it, avoid doing other tasks or looking down at your phone when in a video call.

Dress Professionally

We realize that being home means spending the better part of the day in pajamas, but make an effort if you have to hop on a video call later in the day. It doesn’t have to be fancy; a washed face, a clean shirt, and tidy hair are all you need to make a good impression on a conference call.
Taking the extra step to put on something decent can make a big difference not only to the participants in the video call but also in your work productivity too.

Virtual meetings and video conferences are among the most powerful tools we have in the remote landscape. These conference calls allow teams to have improved communication and better engagement. However, without enough preparation to make the meetings as effective as possible, you risk wasting the attendee’s time without achieving anything of value.
These handy video conferencing etiquette tips will help you prepare for your virtual meetings with ease and remain productive throughout the session.

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