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Hosting Virtual Interviews – What You Should Know

by | Jul 21, 2020 | Video Call, Virtual Life

It is estimated that 300,000 Kenyans have lost their jobs since the first reported case of coronavirus in March. Over 3 million livelihoods in the country have been affected by this development. Not all businesses, however, are suffering.

For those businesses and industries that are taking on more employees to meet their needs, one thing remains true: Any professional that is hired, regardless of their role or the length of time they’ll be working with you, automatically becomes your company’s representative. 

It would be a big mistake to let people you have not vetted represent your business. Fortunately, however, whether you are trying to save money on travel or adhering to the current social distancing guidelines, virtual interviews can be a handy hiring tool thanks to the advancement in video conferencing technology!

Sure, there may be a few challenges with using new video conferencing tech or managing software settings. But today’s technology has made it possible to easily recruit top candidates. Here are a few tips to help you hone your virtual meeting techniques and conduct great virtual interviews:

Test your connection and calling software

There is nothing as important as checking your internet or phone connection and testing your video calling software ahead of time. It may be next to impossible to set the right expectations with your potential hires when you jump on your scheduled calls late or when you can’t figure out your webcam. 

Ensure that your remote interviews are seamless by logging into your video call software beforehand to confirm that your account is fully functional. Next, familiarize yourself with the application and test your sound and video, as well as other functionalities like screen sharing. You may need to patch in some of your colleagues to practice till you’re ready. 

Have a professional set-up

It is important to get your video calling environment right in time for your video conferencing call. Choose a quiet office or desk area location for your interview so that you can present yourself and your business in the best light possible. Using a room with terrible acoustics or a distracting background, for instance, is a no-no. 

Instead, opt for a clean and tidy background – one that could even have your company logo in view. Naturally, you’ll want to also tidy up your desktop if you plan to share your screen so that no unnecessary or potentially sensitive information shows up in the course of your virtual interviews. 

Finally, you can’t have a professional set-up when notifications from your devices keep interrupting your meeting. Turn off those annoying pings during your interview to avoid being distracting and coming off as impolite.

A man on a virtual interview.

Lights, camera, action! 

You do not want your face to be covered by a shadow or blinded by the light as your interview process unfolds. Positioning yourself so that there is a window in front of you and behind your webcam will set you up for optimum lighting. Alternatively, you can prop up several lights to fully and properly illuminate yourself. 

You might also want to consider where you place your computer in the course of hosting your virtual interviews. Using an elevated surface to keep the camera eye level instead of using your lap will help keep the interviewees focused on your face, not what is around you. It will also ensure they are not spending time looking at your nostrils!

Have a backup plan

You may have dressed sharply and professionally to conduct your virtual meetings, but it might all amount to nothing if you have no backup plans. Failing to plan for software hitches especially when dealing with technology is like planning to fail.

It makes sense, therefore, to keep an alternative video conferencing software on standby in case your primary choice fails. Or having both a hardcopy and digital version of your interview questions at hand. Remember, finding and keeping good employees means you need to start on the right foot. This begins at the interview and onboarding process.

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