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Loneliness When Working from Home and how Video Conferencing Could Help.

by | Jul 29, 2020 | Remote working, Virtual Life

We’ve heard quite a lot about loneliness especially now that most of us are working from home. To some extent, even the existence and increased use of video conferencing platforms is still not enough to combat loneliness.

A study by Buffer shows that loneliness is among the biggest challenges remote workers are facing. Working remotely comes with many benefits, but there’s also a dark side associated with prolonged separation with coworkers and isolation: loneliness. 

Living alone doesn’t necessarily lead to loneliness, but research shows that living and working from home can increase the risk of feeling lonely. The abrupt shift to work from home might leave more people feeling like they don’t have friends at work, and they may end up feeling less loyal or connected to their company for this reason. Loneliness may also lead to physical, mental health, and productivity issues including depression, which is massively demotivating.

But how can you work around the issue of loneliness when working remotely? Here are a few effective tactics.

Plan Remote Co-Working Sessions

Co-working spaces can be a great way to combat loneliness. 

Welcome to the digital age where coworkers or friends can hold video conferences and catch up. Currently, due to the global pandemic, most people working from home are conducting virtual meetings, where they all join a video conferencing platform like Gumzo, have a quick chat, and get things done in no time. Sometimes, simply knowing that your colleagues can see you and that you’re working on something at the same time can put off the feeling of isolation. 

Take advantage of these platforms, network, meet and greet with people in your friend, and remain productive.

Step Outside

One of the things that contribute to loneliness when working remotely is sitting constantly in one place working without physical exercises. 

If possible, break up your day by spending some hours working and a few hours outside taking a walk or stretch. A change of scenery can help get your creative juices flowing. Add to the proven health benefits of the outdoor setting, and you’ve got something to boost your mood and keep you motivated.

Working from home

Join a Group or Community-based Networking Forum

It likely isn’t possible for remote workers to travel and spend time with coworkers regularly for in-person collaboration, but colleagues can take advantage of web conferencing platforms to build virtual hangouts and stay connected. 

Alternatively, you can join a group that shares values or interests you can resonate with. Thankfully, there are thousands of online communities including Facebook groups for nearly every interest to help you network and socialize. Reach out to new members through email, become a valuable and engaged member of this community, and build great relationships that all team members can benefit from.

Take a Break

After several hours of work, take a break and do something enjoyable. Walking your dog across the park, taking part in a hobby, or going to the gym can be all you need to stave off the feeling of loneliness. Your ideal break could be any number of things but make sure it’s something that makes you feel good and bring a little joy to your day. In the end, you’ll realize that you’ll get more done if you’re feeling great about yourself compared to when you’re feeling sluggish and lonely.

Engage in Fun Virtual Activities 

Co-working spaces and community-based forums are great for fostering social interactions while working from home. But you can be even more creative and introduce fun virtual activities. Playing games with your coworkers online is a great example. Advanced video conferencing platforms like Gumzo provides a wide variety of free virtual group game options you can explore and make your stay at home enjoyable.

By using online virtual activities to connect with your team members, you can help ensure everyone remains active and productive in their new work environments.

Whether it’s remote work for a company or a full-term career shift, working from home can be isolating. In fact, it’s one of the pitfalls of working remotely that we have to overcome.

If you’re experiencing work from home loneliness, a few positive habits can help you feel more connected and reduce the amount of burnout. Build your closeness by connecting with your coworkers, joining groups with like-minded people, and taking advantage of video conferencing technology to hold virtual hangouts regularly. These hacks can help you get the social time you need.

Don’t let loneliness take away the luxury of working from home during this period.

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