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New on Gumzo; August 2020

by | Aug 3, 2020 | News, Press Release, Video Call

July has been another busy month for the team here at Gumzo. We have been working tirelessly to give you a better user experience, every time you use Gumzo to make a video call. In addition to fixing minor bugs, we have made several changes and improvements including acquiring more servers, offering you more camera options, and an improved version of the whiteboard feature among others. Find out more below. and we cannot wait for you to start exploring these new functionalities on your next video call. 

Control to enable/disable room features 

Room owners now have control to enable or disable special features in their rooms like chat, games, and the whiteboard. Room owners now have more control over their calls; for instance, you can easily disable the games to ensure everyone is paying attention if that’s the kind of meeting you want. 

Improvement on the ‘whiteboard’ feature

The whiteboard is a handy feature for teams to collaborate with. With the new update, a room owner can automatically show or hide the whiteboard on the audience’s screens. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

Introducing Files and Image sharing on Text Chat 

The text chat just got better. You can now upload/send images and files on the text chat. Now you get to enjoy endless fun while calling by sharing gifs, photos, and files in real-time.

More Camera options 

Here is some good news for those using smartphones on Gumzo. You can now select different camera devices, if available. It is now easy to switch between the front and back cameras of your smartphone during a video call. 

More Servers 

We have acquired more video recording services. This will give you a better experience every time you want to record your video call by ensuring better availability of the recording features.


Audience members can now ‘raise’ their virtual hands to get the attention of the room owner. This feature will let the meeting host and other participants know when you have an input you would like acknowledged without interrupting the conversation. 


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