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Tips and Tricks on How to Have the Best Video Call

by | Jun 19, 2020 | Video Call

The global pandemic hit hard and has brought much of the country’s activities to a halt. Millions of people are now working from home and video calls have become the new normal – especially for business meetings. 

Now that video conferencing has taken over our daily lives including daily meetings, job interviews, and inhouse parties, many are wondering how to have the best video call and look good on the internet at the same time. 

Here are the exact things you need to keep in mind to conquer your video calls the next time you get in front of a camera.

Get the Right Gear

First up, you need the right gear to get started with a good conference call. So, what makes up the right gear for video conferencing?

  • A webcam: Your computer or laptop’s built-in webcam works fine, but if you have an external webcam that’s even better to create the perfect image quality.
  • Microphone: Use an external microphone to achieve clear audios especially when you have to do a lot of video calls. Don’t forget to mute yourself when you aren’t speaking.
  • Headphones: While the built-in speakers and microphone work fine, try to get a pair of good headphones to prevent the nasty feedback in the call.
  • Internet connection: If your Wi-Fi connection is giving you trouble, it’s time to ditch that Ethernet cable for a direct connection. Make sure all other applications or backup processes are turned off to dedicate the internet usage to video calls only.
  • Have a backup: No matter what program you use, we cannot stress enough the importance of having a backup plan. It could be a backup laptop, an extra pair of headphones, or even a mobile data connection. 
Let There be Enough Light

When it comes to choosing the right spot to host a conference call, lighting is crucial. Overhead lighting is the worst type of lighting for a video call because it ends up creating shadows under your eyes. Front-facing natural lighting is the best. 

Either face a sunlit window or position your light source directly in front of you – just close enough to get the crisp and clear image. The idea is to brighten your face for clearer video quality. Place your light source a few different positions while looking on your webcam until you find the right spot for your video call.

Watch Your Camera Angle

A rule of thumb when it comes to the angle of the camera is to keep it at eye-level or higher. 

If your webcam is clipped to the top of your laptop or computer, chances are you’re not capturing yourself from the right angle. You want the camera to be right at eye level. The best spot is when the camera captures your face and part of your upper body. 

If you prefer the built-in camera on your monitor or laptop, it may focus too low and looking up your nose. You can get around this by giving your laptop a little lift by stacking a bunch of things or books until the angle is right. 

A woman having a video call at home.

Find a Quiet Room Away from Distractions

Ideally, you want to make video calls in a quiet room with good lighting. Besides, no one wants to hear your roommate on phone, or your pet running around in the background. Remember first impressions count when it comes to video conferencing. So, make sure there are no distractions at all.

If you’re using a microphone, ensure it’s muted unless you are talking.

Choose the Right Background

While our homes are less equipped professionally to hold virtual meetings like the office boardroom, there are decent places to take a video call compared to others. It’s up to you to take some time to choose the right background to take the call. 

On a business video call, you want the focus to be you, so choose a spot with a non-cluttered background to avoid distractions. Turn on your camera before taking the call to see what’s being captured behind you and make the right adjustments to ensure it’s the right angle.

While at it, don’t forget to dress presentably. At least put on a work-appropriate attire and ensure you look decent from head to toe. Solid colors work perfectly for such kinds of meetings so try them.

There is a lot that goes into preparing a good video conference call. But looking great in front of the camera should be the first thing on the list. While you don’t need to look like you have a professional studio at home, these tips will help you prepare for a video call with minimal effort and communicate clearly while working from home.

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