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Video Call Tips Part 2: Sound

by | Nov 6, 2020 | News, Press Release, Video Call

Welcome to Part 2 of our Video Call Tips Series.

This time we’re going over actual devices that will enhance the experience, specifically, sound devices.

1. Earphones
I would call them input sound devices, in that they help the listener hear the sound coming at them. Earphones are usually either wired or wireless and they snug nicely inside your ear.
The advantage of using earphones is that if you’re around people at home or in a public place but you want to listen in onto a video call, you won’t be inconveniencing other people around you.

The 2nd advantage is that with earphones, you can hear what’s going on in the meeting even if random noises (e.g. construction) is going on around you.
the 3rd advantage that is underrated as it relates to using earphones is that the people around you won’t hear the sensitive discussions you’re having going on with your colleagues when on a video call.

2. Headphones
Headphones do the same job as earphones in that they help you hear the sound that’s coming from the video call better.
An advantage is that headphones wrap around your ear and hence are more comfortable than earphones. earphones can get a little bit uncomfortable after prolonged use.

3. Lapel Microphone
Lapel microphones attach next to your shirt collar and they maximize the sound coming from your mouth. enhancing the experience for those listening to you.
Advantages: lapel microphones are honestly the best microphones if you’re on the move and that is because they’re mobile
The lapel can’t be shared, sorry.

4. Desktop Microphones
Desktop microphones are similar to lapel microphones, but their structure makes them only usable on a table/desk.
you can use the microphone as a group, unlike the personal lapel microphone which can only be used by one person.
desktop microphones are pretty bulky and that makes them virtually unable to carry around if you’re on the go.

5. Condenser Microphones
Condenser microphones are similar to desktop microphones but much they use much more advanced technology. this makes the sound on the other end sound much more crisp and clear.

6. Headsets
This is basically a part earphone and microphone device. One part of the set sits next to your mouth while the other hugs your ears.

The headset lets you kill 2 birds with one arrow. Can’t argue with that.

As it tries to do 2 jobs at once, the quality of sound is usually compromised unless you find the more expensive headsets.
Microphones and earphones each focus on doing one job and they do this very well, and that is amplifying sound coming from you and allowing you to hear sound clearly respectively.

Written by:

Alila Omondi Wekoto.
Business Development at Usiku Games, Creators of Gumzo Video Conferencing

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