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Virtual Dating During the Lockdown

by | Jul 2, 2020 | Virtual Life

The lockdown has been hard and quite lonely, even lonelier for the single folks.

The coronavirus pandemic has made dating even harder. Not being able to meet face to face other than walk two meters apart doesn’t sound like it will make your love life any better. With the majority of the population under isolation and practicing social distancing, an increasing number of people under quarantine are turning to virtual dating to rekindle the joy of courtship.

Luckily, we live in an era where video conferencing apps such as Gumzo, Zoom, and Facetime allows us to communicate easily with our partners. They are the closest you will come to a real date without meeting physically. However, this new norm comes with its hurdles. They are new trends to keep in mind, challenges to overcome, and most of all the emotional damage of living in a global crisis will have a huge impact.

Here are simple tricks to keep your dating lives lively amid lockdown.

Order Your Date Dinner or a Bottle of Wine

Most restaurants may be closed for walk-ins but some are still delivering takeaways. So, why not mix things up and order a meal for each other. You can order your food too and eat it all at the same time while catching up on Gumzo. To make the virtual date even more romantic, you can order a drink from a local store near their home. 

Many foods delivering companies such as Uber Eats offer contactless delivery and you’ll get your meal from home. So, set a budget, pick a joint, get your order, and surprise your date.

Dress Up for the Virtual Date Night

Like a regular date, a virtual date is special. So, your clothes should reflect that.  The anticipation is high and you’re expecting to see your match at their best, therefore a little grooming will spice things up for your evening. It also sets the date apart from a normal evening of lazing around in pajamas and make it feel like an in-person meet. 

Dressing the part will further boost your confidence and it means that you were looking forward to that date. Next time you have a virtual date, try wearing something nice and see how it goes.

Netflix and Chill Virtually

Thanks to platforms such as Gumzo and Netflix Party, you can now watch your favorite film or TV show with your date over the internet. 

Gone are the days when you had to click play simultaneously with your partner or pause your screen because the other was buffering: now, you can search and decide on a good film together and enjoy the moment. All this while enjoying your favorite food and wine.

Play Online Games

Spend your virtual date playing your favorite online games alongside your partner. The best part is that technology has made it possible for couples to choose engaging games to make your date even more memorable. Platforms such as Gumzo are presenting new ways to explore for people who want to talk to each other.  

What sets Gumzo apart from the rest, is its built-in board games and card games, which you can play with your date in the chat. It’s a perfect way to mix up a romantic chat with an engaging set of virtual games. 

Prepare a Meal Together

If you don’t like the idea of splashing the cash on takeaway arrangements, why not go on a virtual date and cook your favorite meal together. 

First, select a recipe (it could be your favorite or something you’ve never tried before) and get on with it. If you prefer something special, you can do a quick search online and you’ll find plenty of popular recipes you can try together. 

In the process of tackling the challenge together, you not only spend some quality time together but, in the end, you’ll have your dish ready at the same time. This creates a stronger bond and you discover a lot you didn’t know about your date.

Parting Shot!

The fact is the pandemic has impacted a lot of relationships. But while it feels like everything is coming to a stop, there’s no reason to hesitate in finding love. Virtual dates are the new norm and they can be a great way to rebuild a connection when you can’t meet your date in person. 

It may not seem normal, but this method will leave you well-equipped to find love in these bizarre times.

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