Now you can stream your call to millions via YouTube Live


Efficient teams, businesses and organizations meet up and collaborate on Gumzo

Collaborate and fast-track business decisions in Gumzo, the centre of connected enterprises.

Enable efficient and secure collaboration

Work in Gumzo takes place in the rooms. These are safe places where you and your team can communicate, share files and make important decisions. Gumzo rooms bring teams together so everyone is on the same page.

Save time. Work smarter

Meeting on Gumzo provides faster access to people and information, reducing the number of meetings and emails it takes to get work done. Our chat channels provide you with the choice on how you want to communicate from text-only, audio and HD quality video calls.

Put collaboration in motion

Join a call or meeting from anywhere and on any device with Gumzo, a fast, secure, and fully-featured platform.

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