Now you can stream your call to millions via YouTube Live

Purpose built video conferencing platform

Securely create or join chats in text, audio or video in a safe & secure environment. We are here to ensure that your ideas get through but your information stays private.


No time limits, ever! Talk as long as you want, and always finish your story.

Video & Audio

Our chat channels provide you the choice in how you want to communicate. We have text-only topical chat rooms that are always free. Want a little more interaction? Turn on audio for a party-line experience, or use our beautiful HD quality video rooms.


We have a strict policy that make sure our chat channels are a safe & friendly place for meetups and chatting. All Gumzo calls are encrypted, keeping your conversations private and secure.


Hosted in Africa, for Africa – you can connect knowing that your call isn’t being routed through some server in Silicon Valley or China.
Our calls are top quality because your signals don’t have to go half way around the world.


Our calls are encrypted end-to-end with no back-doors, so your private chat is yours. We require more user validation than some of our competitors, but that helps to keep you safe, but closes the door on people who create false accounts just to create trouble.

Why choose Gumzo

First video conferencing platform build in Africa to support Africa.


All Gumzo calls happen in the browser, so they automatically work on any smartphone or PC, right away. Once someone has a trusted account, they can join a meeting with a single click. Gumzo has no app to download, or extensions to configure.


All Gumzo calls are encrypted, keeping your conversations private and secure. If there are less than 4 people in the call, then the signal is encrypted from end-to-end. For larger conferences, the signal is encrypted between each caller and the central servers.


Every call that you place through Gumzo creates jobs in Kenya and supports economic growth here. All fees generated stay in Kenya, and during COVID-19, we are donating 50% of all Gumzo fees to fund Corona Response initiatives across the country.

Get started with your mobile number now.

You’ll only need a registered phone number to get started.
We will never share or sell your data to anyone or spam you.
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