Now you can stream your call to millions via YouTube Live

How we are different

Gumzo was proudly made in Kenya, by Kenyan ICT company : Usiku Games. Every call that you place through Gumzo creates jobs in Kenya and supports economic growth here. All fees generated stay in Kenya, and during COVID-19, we are donating 50% of all Gumzo fees to fund Corona Response initiatives across the country.

Easy to use

Unlike other platforms, Gumzo has no app to download, or extensions to configure. All Gumzo calls happen in the browser, so they automatically work on any smartphone or PC, right away. Once someone has a trusted account, they can join a meeting with a single click.


All Gumzo calls are encrypted, keeping your conversations private and secure. If there are less than 4 people in the call, then the signal is encrypted from end-to-end. For larger conferences, the signal is encrypted between each caller and the central servers. We can also host private instances of the servers in your own data centers for highly secure calls

For Business

We have all the professional tools that you’ve come to expect from your business video conferences. These include full screen presentation mode, screen sharing and real-time polling of attendees. We are building in call recording and real-time meeting transcriptions as well, to allow for meeting minutes to be easily distributed, or stored for compliance

For Entertainment

Video conferencing no longer just for business meetings, but now families and friends are using Gumzo to keep in touch and socialize. We’ve built fun features that set Gumzo apart to help with the isolation and boredom of travel restrictions. Callers on Gumzo can play games and watch movies together as if sitting around the table, allowing families to be separate, together.

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